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Dec 10 - iOS version 1.888 bugs
Some users reporting issues with Todays Training locking up or freezing.  We are looking into this as soon as possible.  Please don't update the app until we submit a fix for this.

Current versions of the app
iOS - 1.1888
Android - 1.1888

Dec 6, 2018
Android version 1.8888 is being rolled out this week.
  • Fixes for notifications not playing in background

iOS version 1.8888 is coming next week.
  • Screen compatibility fixes for iPhone-X and all "notch" devices
  • Fixes for progress graphs
  • General improvements

NOTE!! If you are logged out, and log back in the app will ask you to restore data -- Do Not TAP YES unless you are installing the app for the first time, otherwise this may restore an old backup or empty database if you never backed up.  This is fixed in 1.1869

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