What's coming in the next update?

1.18 (Current Version)
* All new user interface
* New Todays Training View - See your entire workout in front of you and seamlessly transition between warmups and worksets.
* Improved progress graphs - Move, zoom and doesn't require internet connection.
* New Sharing Options - share your progress to social media and your friends.
* Training History - Easily search through months and dates.
* Lots of optimizations and bug fixes
* New notification system - go back and view advice given through the app.

* New training history makes it easier to go back quickly and find important notes.
* Lots of bug fixes regarding performance.
* Training Cues added to Training Videos.
* New design weight calculator and warmup calculator including set counter, warmup rest time which can be customised in settings. 

1.16 - Next Update 

  • Assistance Exercises
  • Change from lbs to kgs and vice versa
  • Timer sound issues on iOS devices while in the background

1.15 April 2015

New Features
  • Cloud Sync - backup, restore your training log data and settings and use it across multiple devices. Go to Settings to create a new account. PLEASE NOTE this is still in beta, so if your training log data is valuable, or you have several months you may want to wait for the next update before creating an account. 
  • get your training log data as a CSV file so you can import it into spreadsheets. 
  • All New Training Videos - Flipbook style with multiple angles, so you can stop the video and go through the exercise step by step at your own pace.
  • New Progress graphs - Including showing your progress from start to now, workset weight : bodyweight and date filters.
  • Set different workset rest time for each exercise - if rest more on squats than you do bench, now you can set this so it runs automically. 
  • Auto start workset rest time after entering reps for a set - this can be turned off in the settings menu
  • Choose the weight plates you have for each exercise - These will be used on the warmup calculator and workset calculators and are saved.
  • Todays Training progress saved and then restored if you leave the app, or leave todays training to go into another section of the app. 
  • Todays Training - Open "More Options" by sliding the exercise panel (you can also still tap the "3 dots" menu item too). 
Bug Fixes
  • Can delete first date in training history (as long as there is more than 2 training data logged). 
  • Add year when adding a new date
  • Power clean unlock popup now disappears after pressing ok
  • Android settings screen now looks much nicer
  • Graphic Design issues on various Galaxy and Nexus models now fixed (if you still have issues please email me)
  • Stopped phones going to sleep when on the todays training screen
  • iOS rest time complete alarm now plays when device in the background
  • Cannot click "login" on Training forum
  • Barbell weight set to null on loading fixed

1.14 Minor Update (December 2015) - CURRENT VERSION
  • iOS - when the user has closed the app, the local notification will play the alarm sound. 
  • Change the duration of the rest timer from within the timer popup (so you dont have to leave the todays training screen to go to the setting screen and lose your progress). 

  • Workset Rest Timer
  • Add notes for each workout
  • Change the increment of how much weight is added per workout for each exercise. 
  • Change the weight of your barbell. 
  • New settings screen to control all of your training options
  • Sync your data with Apple Health (iOS only). 
  • Female Training 5x3.
  • New easier to use "Sets" buttons on Todays Training and Training History screens. (this also fixes the Power Clean 4 & 5 bug). 
  • Fixed some user interface sizing on Samsung Galaxy 2 and 4. 
  • Fixed bug on some android devices where keyboard was squashing the screen size down.

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