Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change / update my bodyweight?
In todays training, tap the "cog" icon and or swipe the main view towards the left which will change the view so you can enter your bodyweight for today.

How do I change the workset weight?
In todays training tap the "edit" icon (the pen and paper icon) or swipe the main view towards the left.

Can I transfer my data to a new phone? 
Yes, please go to "Settings -> Create New Account" and then backup your data.  On your new device when you install the app, please login and restore your data.  

I can't buy the app or install the app from iTunes
The app is rated 17+ because of access to the Starting Strength forum.  Please check your age limit credentials in settings on your iPhone.

I would like a refund
Refunds are handled through the app store that you purchased it from.  



If exercise progression is not working please check:

1. you completed all sets and reps of the previous workout in "training history".
2. please restart the app and try again.  
3. If its still not working (on android) check that developer settings are turned off in the settings menu.

I am looking into this issue and it will be fixed in the next update.  

I can't press the login button on the forum
If you can't login to the new mobile version "Training Forum" via the app, press the "+" icon in the top right hand corner of the screen, this will open the login panel.  I will fix this in the next update. 

I completed my last workout, but the next workout is not adding weight.
1. Please check if you completed all reps and sets for the previous workout (sometimes people are forgetting to enter a set).  
2. Try closing the app, and restarting it.  
3. Check (on android) that developer settings are switched off - this has been known to cause some problems on Samsung Galaxy devices.  
More info on how to do that here

When I use the workset / warmup calculator the numbers show as "undefined" or "0".
to fix this, go to the "settings" screen and set the default barbell weight.  Then go back to Todays Training and this should be fixed. 

I have an idea for a new feature, can I let you know?
Sure!  We love to hear your ideas.  But first please check "What Features are being requested" and "What's coming in the next update" and If they're not on that list see the contact details below.

I found a bug, what should I do?
please contact us using the "contact us" link on the previous page or email us by clicking here..

I need coaching help and advice...

Please visit the Starting Strength forums.   Chances are the issue you're having and its solution has already been discussed on there.  

Will you be doing a windows mobile version? 
Not in the near future.  Unfortunately the market size does not justify the development time needed to get a version ready.  

Can I export my training log data to use in a spreadsheet?
Yes, this is available in the latest update. 

Can I sync my training log data between multiple devices? 
Yes this is available in the latest update. 

How do I change the bar weight? 
Go to the settings screen and you can manually change the weigh to bar. 


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